The Magi Society is pleased to announce that it will host a series of conference calls to discuss and teach Financial Astrology.  Ming, one of our Board Members will lead some of these conference calls.  Ming earned the nickname of Ming Dynasty from admirers during his career on Wall Street.  Ming managed hedge funds and achieved the incredible lifetime performance record of profits greater than 20% – PER MONTH! 


Each conference call will last about 90 minutes and will have two parts: a 30-minute tutorial session and a 60-minute question and answer session.  The first conference call will be held in early October.  There will be a total of 6 conference calls spread out over the rest of the year.  Everyone who has an interest in Magi Astrology is welcome to participate.  If you might like to join us in any of these conference calls, please click here and send us an email.  If you are a member of the Magi Society, just let us know your name and we will send you an invitation, schedule and other details. If you are not a member of the Magi Society, please let us know your name and the time zone you live in, and also why you would like to participate – such as “I am a stock broker interested in Financial Astrology.”  We welcome everyone who has an interest in Magi Astrology and/or Financial Astrology and we will be happy to do our best to help everyone who expresses a sincere interest to participate.


Ming has provided the following write-up in advance of the first conference call, at which he will be the lead moderator.





Ming writes the following:


I first became interested in Financial Astrology during the horrendous bear market of 1974.  I watched Polaroid stock plummet from a high of 200 down all the way to just 16 by December of 1974 and I decided to buy Polaroid Jan 25 calls at ¼.  I sold them a few weeks later for almost 6.  I made nearly 25 times my money in less than a month and thought – gee, this sure beats working for a living.


Since my Polaroid success, I have reasons to believe that I have researched Financial Astrology just about as much as anybody else has.  But during all this time, I have been constantly dismayed to learn how little information there is about Financial Astrology.  Even worse, during the last decade, much of the information that is available about Financial Astrology is MISinformation and has hurt the reputation of Financial Astrology.  Even worse, the misinformation has depleted the bank accounts of innocent fans of astrology who have blindly followed bad astrology.  The result is that Financial Astrology has lost a lot of fans during the last decade.  I accepted the Magi Society invitation to teach Financial Astrology and help astrology fans receive the guidance they need and deserve.


In my first conference call/tutoring session, I would like to cover the following subjects and concepts that are related to Financial Astrology:


  • We will learn about the First Trade chart and discuss how useful it is as a forecasting tool.

  • I will offer advice as to how we can best combine astrology with technical analysis to maximize our understanding of the movements in the financial markets.

  • In trying to forecast the direction of the financial markets, Financial Astrologers have been using the alignments of the planets.  I will discuss both the pros and cons, the strengths and weaknesses, of this methodology.  Here is an example of what I am referring to: Below is a Magi Astrology chart drawn for August 13, 2004, the day the US stock market made its most recent intermediate-term bottom. 






    The DJIA hit a low of 9783.91 on August 13 and has steadily rallied 500 points since then, in less than a month. As you can see, there was a very exact alignment of the four most important planets (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron) on that day.  Also, there was a nearly exact synchronization of Uranus, the true node, Venus and the Mercury/Mars midpoint.  I will give you my experiences with the use of planetary alignments, and answer your questions about them.


  • I will reveal and teach what has been a secret tool of Magi Financial Astrology that we believe has helped us to understand the direction of the US and other stock markets.  The new tool is known as Financial Transits.  Below is a very brief explanation of the methodology and rationale of how and why Financial Transits seem to point in the direction that the stock market goes:

    Our theory is that the transits to the natal chart of the United States must have an effect on the stock market. One reason we believe this is that so many Americans now own stocks and the stock market is such an important part of the US economy.  At this time, about 47% of all Americans own some stocks in one way or another (for example through mutual funds as part of their IRA).  This means that when stocks make significant moves up or down, it has quite and impact on half of America – but the influence is actually even more widespread because the half of America that owns stocks also controls over 95% of the companies and employers in the US. 


    So at this time, whether we like it or not, almost all Americans are pretty much affected by the stock market and it means the stock market actually has an influence on the whole country. If astrology really works and if the stock market has gotten so big that it has an influence on the whole country, this would also mean that the most crucial Financial Transits to the United States natal chart must have an impact on the US as a whole and on the stock markets.


    To test this hypothesis, we can check to see what happens to the US stock markets when the US natal chart has Cinderella Transits, and also see what happens when the US natal chart has the worst Financial Transits.


    According to Magi Astrology, the worst Financial Transits would be transiting Saturn making a Turbulent Angle to natal Chiron or Neptune.  (In all of our three books, we have explained that we believe it is Neptune that rules stocks.)  The Magi Society calls such transits Financial Heartbreak Transits.  Since January of 2002, there have been seven such transits in the US chart.


    (The Magi Society uses the date of July 4, 1776 for the birth of the United States.  We also use heliocentric charts when we do anything concerning Financial Astrology; we believe the heliocentric chart is just as important as the geocentric chart when it comes to Financial Astrology).


    According to Magi Astrology, Cinderella Transits are the best Financial Transits and since January of 2002, there have been six such transits in the US chart. 


    Below is a graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from January 1, 2002 until September 10, 2004.  There are 13 vertical lines on the graph and each of them point to the dates of either a Cinderella Transit or a Financial Heartbreak Transit.  We used the Magi Society’s Financial Astrology Research Program (MagiOracle version 5.21) to create this graph and vertical lines.  Along the top of the graph, we listed the Cinderella Transits and listed which vertical pointers indicate the day each Cinderella Transit occurred.  Along the bottom of the graph, we listed the Financial Heartbreak Transits and indicated which vertical pointers show the day the Financial Heartbreak Transit occurred.




    The important thing to note in the above graph is that there was a CLUSTER of five Financial Heartbreak Transits that occurred while the stock market was at the lows, whereas there was a CLUSTER of five Cinderella Transits while the stock market has been at its highs.


    Is it possible that the Cluster of five Financial Heartbreak Transits actually caused the stock market to go down into a bottom?  And then is it possible that the Cluster of five Cinderella Transits actually caused the stock market to go up?


    We went from a bad market that occurred during Financial Heartbreak Transits, to having a good market that occurred during Cinderella Transits.


    (By the way, we should also point out that another Cinderella Transit is coming; transiting Chiron will trine the USA natal Neptune in the geocentric sky on November 20, 2004.)


    Is all this coincidence or is all this a part of the answers? 


    You are invited to discuss such topics with me in my conference call/tutorials.


    If you wish to join any of the conference calls, please click here and send the Magi Society an email.


    Thank you for your interest in Magi Astrology.



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